The Idaho Horsemen are Idaho's second professional indoor (arena) football team in the history of the state. And, they're gearing up for their next season right now!

But, with the football team also comes the cheerleaders, the Lady Spurs.



More About the Lady Spurs Professional Dance Team

A fun fact about the Lady Spurs is that they actually existed before the football players did!

To market the team and give it some momentum before recruiting players, the Lady Spurs were the face of the organization!



Idaho Horsemen Professional Indoor Football Team (Arena)

But, before we reveal the new class of 2022 Lady Spurs Dancers, here is some more information on the Idaho Horsemen!

Idaho Horsemen and Lady Spurs

Since tryouts in early January, the new team has been handpicked and selected by judges, the Lady Spurs coach Elena, and Team Director Angelina Reynolds!




Your 2022 Lady Spurs!

Idaho Horsemen Dancers: Lady Spurs 2022



The 2022 Idaho Horsemen Pro Arena Football Team Schedule was also recently released:

Credit: Angelina Reynolds
Credit: Angelina Reynolds


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Idaho Horsemen Dancers: Lady Spurs 2022

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