Credit: Idaho Horsemen via Facebook
Credit: Idaho Horsemen via Facebook

Spring is just around the corner… and so is more football! During the offseason of high school, college, and NFL football, there is still a team to be cheering for. That is if you live in Idaho of course.


The Idaho Horsemen are back for a 2022 season in Nampa at the Ford Idaho Center. And, with that comes a new team - both for the players and also for the dancers.



Idaho Horsemen and Lady Spurs



Lady Spurs Try Out Information and Form

For more information on tryouts for the Professional Lady Spurs Dance Team, CLICK HERE.


When Does the Season Start?

The Idaho Horsemen Season usually falls in the spring and through the summer. This gives football lovers a chance to watch some action during the off-season! The 2022 schedule begins March 25th, and you can see the full schedule here.


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