Today Idaho passed legislation protecting mothers who decide to breastfeed their children in public.

"Legislation to protect breastfeeding mothers by exempting breastfeeding from Idaho’s indecent exposure and obscenity laws passed the House unanimously today"

Now, it's no secret; I'm a guy. I will never have the opportunity to breastfeed a child in public or private, but that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion on the topic. And to be honest, I'm spilt on the issue. On one side, I support women, especially new mothers and their right to choose. If a mom deems it necessary to pull one out and start feeding her child, then more power to her. Being a father of an almost three-year-old, the days of emergency feeding aren't that far in the past. Writing a mother a ticket for breastfeeding in public just seems wrong.

On the other hand, in some extreme circumstances, I don't think it's entirely necessary. I've seen some women breastfeeding in public without any cover. It has taken place where young teenagers were watching. I could tell people were uncomfortable with what they were seeing. In most of these cases, it would have been simple for the mom to seek refuge somewhere more private or at least attempt to cover up. With that being said, I don't think causing people to feel uncomfortable deserves a ticket so I ultimately think the laws passed today are a positive step forward for Idaho.

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