With all the attention on school safety and gun violence in our country as of late, it's probable that authorities are taking every threat very seriously. That's why when authorities in Moscow Idaho received word of an alleged threat to "shoot up two schools" in their community, it's wasn't taken lightly.

KTVB reports:


A 26-year-old northern Idaho man authorities say threatened online to shoot up two unidentified schools in Moscow has been cited under a new law approved during this year's legislative session.

Michael Dain Mastro Jr was cited on Thursday for allegedly threating violence on school grounds which thanks to a new law passed this legislative session, is a misdemeanor.

The threat was allegedly made online and reported to the Moscow authorities by Texas authorities. If indeed, Mr. Mastro did make the threat, thank goodness authorities responded and took appropriate action. Sometimes, in Idaho, we feel far away from what's happening in the rest of the country, but violence can break out anywhere and at any time. Mr. Masteo is innocent until proven guilty.

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