A hunter is currently recovering after having a violent encounter with a black bear near Idaho City.

43-year-old Marvin Jennings was hunting with his uncle on Clear Creek when they witnessed a black bear coming toward them. Jennings' uncle shot and wounded the bear, which then charged Jennings, knocking him down a hill along with the bear. Jennings was bitten numerous times in the arm and leg before the animal was shot with a handgun by his uncle. Jennings was airlifted to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise where he underwent surgery and is recovering from his injuries.

Fish and Game staff examined the site of the incident, and based on the bear's tooth wear, they determined the bear was of a mature age.

Not every victim of a bear attack is fortunate enough to survive like Jennings did. If you're going out camping in the wilderness, it would behoove you to read up on how to increase your chances of survival when encountering a wild bear.



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