I went to Catholic school my entire life--seriously. From preschool through bachelors degree...I've been around Catholic education my entire life. That said, if anyone knows about SIN, it's this guy.

Wallethub a site that prides itself on providing lists for states and communities based around fun facts and figures has quickly become one of my favorite web destinations to check out. It seems they always have something interesting available that I can file away into my random knowledge compartment for use at a bar or with friends.

Today, I cam across this little gem: 2018's Most Sinful States.

I always appreciate the surveys on this site because they're very open about their methodology behind the rankings. You can take a look at that, down to the specifics, HERE.

With the rankings said and done, however, Florida ranks first in the "Most Sinful" category. I guess being surrounded by clubs, beaches, and luxury can be tempting.

Idaho however? It seems we are a bunch of well behaved citizens, coming in at #43 out of 50!

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