It's becoming too much for us to bare. Are public schools really expecting kids to learn and grow up to be successful when they're giving them such vile reading material?

Don't parents have a right to say what they do and don't want their children exposed to in a school setting? Because if they do, oh boy, Idaho's public schools are about to get an earfull.

This is us trying to prepare you for the offense you're surely to take in a moment once you find out this book is still available for your children to read at their school:

We're disgusted too.

Can you believe our kids are being taught about DEFACATION in school? Aren't they there to learn about math, science, history, and other IMPORTANT subjects?

This is too much. It should be up to parents when and where their kids learn about poop.

Everyone poops. But not everyone wants their kids to find out about it at a public school.

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