In a statement that garnered a LOT of criticism over the weekend, this Idaho activist that is associated with Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho was left in a position to defend himself...over and over again.

You may have seen this circulating the internet this weekend--especially among local news outlets. Jesse Sumpter, an associate of Christ Church in Northern Idaho, shared a "friendly reminder":

Brothers, a friendly reminder for elections: make sure your wife votes exactly as you do.

When I went to vote in-person, during the primaries, I received a pretty cool sticker. It wasn't the "I voted" sticker we're used to getting every time. This time around, voters were given a much larger sticker that not only says 'I Voted' but that honors the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage.  If you're unfamiliar-- women's suffrage is the RIGHT of women to vote in elections. What a concept. And how ironic?

According to this Idaho activist...sure, women can vote---just make sure it's identical to your husbands!

Now, politics, especially these days, are a particularly sensitive topic. While I voted one way and yes--have my own political views, I too understand that everyone else is entitled to theirs that that's what makes our country great. Truly.

Something about THIS statement, to me, feels a little embarrassing for our State of Idaho. Certainly, if nothing else, it feels wildly antiquated.

How do you feel about the statement?


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