The Supreme Court has issued a historic ruling that states will now have the right to end abortions.  The landmark ruling has sparked reactions across the country.  But what is the reaction in the Gem State?  Idaho has one of the country's toughest trigger laws in the country, meaning abortions will end in Idaho in August of this year.Idaho Governor Brad Little shared his thoughts, he signed the trigger law bill two years ago.

"I join many in Idaho and across the country today in welcoming the high court's long awaited decision upholding state sovereignty and protecting preborn lives. The decision provides clarity around landmark cases at the center of passionate debate in our country for nearly five decades.

This is now clear – the ‘right’ to an abortion was a judicial creation. Abortion is not a right expressed in the U.S. Constitution, and abortion will be entrusted to the states and their people to regulate.

"Idaho has been at the forefront of enacting new laws to protect preborn babies. The pro-life bill I signed into law in 2020 will go into effect later this summer."

David Ripley of Idaho Chooses life, the champion of the trigger law in Idaho, shared his thoughts.

“We are overjoyed by the news that the great injustice of Roe has finally been acknowledged by the high court,” Ripley said. “We have long known that this day would come because America is better than the industrialized destruction of preborn children.” “There are many people to thank for this historic development, but the highest truth is that God has heard the cries of faithful Christians over many decades,” Ripley said. “We still live in Biblical Times.”

Senator Mike Crapo expressed his view on the SCOTUS decision.

“My strong commitment to supporting measures that protect the rights of the unborn remains unchanged.  I believe abortion is wrong and should be limited to cases where the mother’s life is in imminent danger. The Court’s decision upholds my belief that states should have the ability to protect the right to life. ”


Boise Mayor Lauren McLean took to twitter to express her opinion of today's historic decision.  



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