You could hear the chants coming down the street as I was feverishly trying to park, "No Excuse For Abuse! No Excuse For Abuse!" It's officially Child Abuse Prevention Month.

This is the 4th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Rally and each year we see more people. There was a grip of local law enforcement from pretty much every department on hand to show support.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and we started our campaigns 11 years ago. It doesn't matter how much you spread the message, abuse continues to stalk our headlines. Did you hear the most recent story regarding the undercover sting off CraigsList? I read the details and it was disgusting what these men were planning on doing. This was straight out of MSNBC's "Catch a Predator."

We have a ton to do as a community and these are just the beginning steps. Abuse is hopefully a dying culture, but even one case is too many. We need to band together. There is no excuse for child abuse.

Here are a few photos I took from the event. Want to help us Cycle to Break the Cycle with us during our annual child abuse prevention event at the Village at Meridian? Get more details on sign-ups and times here.

Child Abuse Prevention Rally 2018


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