child abuse prevention

We're Live From Cycle to Break the Cycle!
Every year for twelve years, Keke has been doing an event, Live For 175, to bring awareness to child abuse and child abuse prevention. April is child abuse prevention month, and this is my first time doing this amazing event with Keke.

Live For 175 - Finale
Emotion, lack of sleep, long days in the rain, sun and cold and making new friends every single minute is something we all go through for 175 hours a year. This year was one we will never forget. You are someone we will never forget. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life.
Live For 175 - Day 8
Fairytales and friends new and old came to support and spread the message of Live for 175. Some of us had no idea there was going to be a surprise. Eh hem... Kekeluv.
Day 7 Photos
We're almost at the end of Year 10 of Live For 175. The Eagle Police got taken for a ride by CYCLEBAR, Cruise & Box and Kekeluv got to play cops, and so much more. Check out the photos below.

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