Following the cancellation of the Idaho Steelheads hockey season earlier in the year due to COVID-19, the announcement was made recently that the 2020-21 campaign will begin as early as mid-December for some league teams.

The new year will begin with a new, 62-game season for the Idaho Steelheads hockey team. The announcement was made on the East Coast Hockey League's official website recently. The season will be split into two schedules, with 13 teams beginning on December 11, with Idaho's franchise not included in the first round of play.

The Idaho Steelheads will instead begin play on January 15, 2021, along with the other remaining teams. The Steelheads season was suspended back in March after the Coronavirus began to blow up nationwide.

All games from March 13 through the remainder of the 2020 season were postponed due to the virus. There were only 1,200 reported cases in the United States at the time the season was suspended, claiming 40 lives. That number of confirmed U.S. cases presently sits at around 7.5 million, with over 212,000 deaths linked to COVID-19.

Following initial suspensions, the majority of professional sports in the country started back up with some form of COVID-revised plan. Professional hockey crowned the Tampa Bay Lightning with the championship on the final day of September. Major League Baseball, college football, the NBA and NFL have managed to continue on despite frequent positive tests throughout all sports.

Refunds were issued to Idaho Steelheads fans following the season suspension in March. For tickets to the Idaho Steelheads, click here.

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