It's been a difficult week or so for many across the Treasure Valley as alleged crimes against a local Boise business owner have made noise across social media. It has been nothing shy of a firestorm.

About a week ago, a local news outlet reported that a Boise restaurant owner was arrested for 'multiple sex crimes'.  The descriptions of these alleged crimes: gruesome and heartbreaking. The news outlet did not name the business explicitly, later citing in a Facebook comment that they didn't want to impact those who work at said restaurant.

It's the year 2024 and it hardly took 24-seconds for the public to identify which restaurant the man owned.

Nobody had heard a word from anyone at the restaurant. Until today.

On the evening of Thursday, April 11th, a post went live on the social media platforms of Garnacha Que Apapacha.

See the statement, below: 

Boise Taco Hot Spot Breaks Silence After Arrest

Here's what the restaurant had to say this week

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

It seems that the community wants to see the best in the folks still affiliated with the restaurant. 

Since being uncovered online, Boise taco restaurant 'Garnacha Que Apapacha' has been under a social media firestorm. Thousands if not tens of thousands of posts, reviews, comments, and videos have been posted completely smearing the business-- most stating they'll never return and telling others to follow suit.

As we know, this day in age it is easy to bark online. The compassion that some find themselves wanting to show online for the restaurant and the family / workers impacted by these disturbing crimes, is promising.

Here in the Treasure Valley, we're a kind people. Let's all be a little kind online, too, as we continue to hope for the best--both for the victims of these alleged sex crimes and the family of the suspect.

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