Amber alerts. They pop up on our phones. We see them on the interstate signs over I-84 and we hear about them on the news and radio. Luckily they work. Even if the amber alerts go out to hundreds of thousands of people that never see or hear anything relating to the child's whereabouts, 1 out of those hundreds of thousands could be the one that saves the missing youth.

There was recently an amber alert throughout the state of Washington that lasted more than a full day, over 24 hours. Authorities were asking for the publics help in finding a missing 15 year old teen who they believed to be in danger. The 15 year-old is Lillian Dixon an Idaho native. She was believed to have been with 36 year old Jonathan Bowles who according to a press release from Lewiston Police, Bowles "has multiple outstanding felony warrants for suspicion of child molestation related to other incidents."

Clearly not who you want a teenage girl with. Thanks to the wide spread amber alert and helpful tips the maroon car was located and Lillian was found safe. According to Idaho Statesman, "A social media post from District 4 PIO in Washington state said that Spokane Valley and Spokane sheriff's officials, along with Washington State Police, found the maroon Chevrolet Trailblazer that Jonathan Bowles, 36, was believed to be traveling in with missing teen Lillian Dixon. The Twitter post said that the "female victim" was OK."

It seemed this creep had charmed Lillian or she was so scared she didn't know what to do according to KHQ out of Spokane Washington, "Bowles attempted to flee and after a short chase, the two got out of their car and ran. Bowles has been arrested and is now on his way to Spokane County Jail. Dixon is reportedly safe and will be reunited with her family soon."

She ran away from the police with him, not sure why and we may never know. Either way I'm happy that the helpful tips and hits from random strangers helped save this Idaho teen from god knows what. Even though I hope there is never a reason for another amber alert, I sure am grateful for them and the help the provide to authorities.

We are still praying for our local five year old Fruitland boy "Monkey" who is still missing. Michael Joseph Vaughan was last seen near his home on July 27th and the search for him is still on going. See the latest here.

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