It seems everyone has their two cents on it...but Idaho is growing, and it's growing fast. For many of my friends--natives of the state, it's: "Shh, don't let the secret [of how great Idaho is] out"

For others, it can be "send all of these Californians back!" and then, for the younger end of the areas professionals, it's often "Boise's growth is great for our industry."

Growth can be a difficult thing-- for me personally, I love the small feel to Boise yet I hope we continue to boom. Statistics from the United States Census Bureau show--booming, we are.

According to the bureau, Idaho's population has grown 2.2% between July 2016 through July 2017 making it the fastest growing of all fifty states.

Population declines were also measured, with Wyoming taking first place in that category, dropping 1 percentage point.

For more on the results from the United States Census Bureau, click HERE.



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