Summertime in the State of Idaho is a very exciting thing. Here in Idaho, we're lucky enough to be able to experience all four seasons--it's part of what makes Idaho special! We get a very distinct summer, fall, winter and spring.

Once the temperatures rise around out state, you see a lot of activity. Our trails, greenbelts, and hiking paths start to populate once again. If you're in a city like Boise--there's a river that runs through town that everyone floats. Even up north where the rivers are a little more aggressive, tourists fly into Idaho from all over the globe to float and experience our world-class white water rafting. All of these activities are great and they all require aggressive hydration because it is HOT out.

Most strangers to Idaho are surprised to learn how hot it can get--especially in the Treasure Valley. What the general public doesn't always realize is that we're in a desert climate.

A few days around 100 degrees is normal. This summer? Not so much. We've been ABOVE 100 degrees far more than normal--in fact, we've been hitting 100 degrees enough to tie our own record.

The record was set in 2003 when 20 days were clocks at 100 degrees or more. With today's check in at 100 from the Boise Airport--we've tied that record and that leaves us with the potential to even break it.

Is everyone hydrating out there?

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