I always looked forward to the day when I would head Thanksgiving dinner. I would be in charge of creating the menu and would be the head chef of the kitchen. I just didn’t think it would be this year. A lot of families are being forced to spend Thanksgiving apart this year meaning some of us will be facing new challenges in the kitchen.

I can whip up almost any side dish but when it comes to cooking a whole turkey, that’s a different playing field for me. I could call up my parents and ask for advice every step of the way while attempting to cook one, or I could call the experts on the “Turkey Talk-Line.” Yes, it’s a real thing!

It’s been a real thing for more than 30 years actually! The Turkey Talk-Line has professionally trained turkey experts standing by, ready to assist you with any turkey-related questions you may have.

These experts provided by Butterball, open the lines up every November and December and answers more than 100,000 questions for thousands of households around North America. They have the answer for every turkey question from “what type of thermometer is best for cooking a turkey?” to “what are giblets?”

It’s open right now on Thanksgiving day if you’re in desperate need! Just call 1-800-288-8372 from 6am-6pm or you can text the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line experts 24/7 at 844-877-3456. If you have an Alexa enabled device, it’s even easier to reach the experts! Just say “Hey Alexa, ask Butterball….”


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