Well, you had to know this was coming. I'm not sure if the city really like all these scooters scattered across the Treasure Valley in the first place. Every time one of these transportation app-related services become available it takes away from someone else.

I'm sure taxi services have been crushed by Uber and Lyft. Add the E-scooters and you dip even more into everyone's pocket. I'm sure everyone is complaining about their competitors. I doubt this impacts business but new rules could affect popularity, or will it?

The Boise City Council has approved new ordinances to limit speeds for E-scooters including the number of scooters on the streets. Boise is trying to limit the number of E-scooters on sidewalks based upon how many actually get used. They also want to make sure companies ensure the drop off spots are in safe places and not in illegal spaces.

The E-scooter craze is still new for Idaho and that comes with growing pains. People are leaving skid marks all over the place, crashing them, and blocking entryways. I'd probably say that's not the majority but the city is cracking down and fine-tuning this service with its owners.

For instance, If these E-scooters are parked in illegal zones they can be confiscated and held for $100 retrieval fee. That affects the owner, not the user.

Let's see what happens, but I'm just more jealous I didn't think of this first!

Here's a quick how-to on E-bikes and E-scooters

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