Change is good--or so they say. It's "change", however, or at least the tease of changes to come, that has the many lovers of this popular Treasure Valley restaurant dying to know more.

So far, only time will tell!

Mentioned in the likes of the New York Times as one of the best restaurants in the entire nation and in even more publications for their chef, Sal, being a James Beard Finalist in 2023--Amano is a local fan favorite.

Have you ever been to downtown Caldwell to visit Amano?

Look Inside: Idaho Love's Amano!

Featured in the New York Times and more--Amano is Idaho's most highly acclaimed Mexican Restaurant and soon, they'll be moving

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All of these photos are making us hungry just looking at them! 

The popular restaurant took to Instagram and Facebook to share the following message and tease for what's to come!

After traveling throughout Mexico the last few years, we came to the realization that we wanted a permanent home for Amano. One where we could grow, continue to develop, and be able to realize some of the dreams we have to push more culinary boundaries by staying true to ancestral cooking practices—especially as it relates to kitchens cooking native foods.  We are excited to reveal over the next months what we have in store for our guests who have become friends over the years.  We will be at our current location through the remainder of 2024
We can't wait to learn what's next for Amano and we are certainly relieved to learn that they won't be moving too far!

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