I'm not sure that I buy this one...but statistics don't lie. Idaho's most dangerous city? It's technically Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Having grown up here in the Treasure Valley, I've always felt pretty safe here. I remember being able to ride my bike as a kid back and forth between my grandparent's house's and mine...going on adventures around town and never feeling anything but safe. Even now as a gown adult-- I don't feel safe walking around alone at night and it doesn't matter where I am.

This is very different compared to my last "home", Spokane Washington. While it's a pretty city in it's own unique ways-- safety, especially near my university and the downtown area just wasn't the best. Freshman year one of my friends was mauled and robbed in an alley just because he was walking alone near our dorm.

While living up there, I noticed a lot of property crime, theft, and even hate crime in many northern Idaho cities that made the Spokane news. That could have made sense to me. Even though Boise is a safe place to live-- it's size compared to other cities in the state also led me to think maybe we would be labeled "most dangerous".  I was wrong on both accounts. Idaho Falls- population 59,000 takes the cake. According to the article published by the St. Louis Post Dispatch, there are 42.44 violent crimes reported per 10,000 people.

Have you been to or lived in, Idaho Falls? Do you agree with these results?

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