Lately, Idaho has been ranking among the highest in the nation for things that are NOT to be celebrated.

In fact, these statistics are not just sad, they are extremely alarming:


Traffic Deaths

Idaho’s spike in traffic deaths is the highest in the nation.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic fatalities increased by 36% within Idaho in 2021, and at least 258 people were killed last year.

We are barely two months into 2022, and every time we turn on the news there are more accidents being reported.


Pedestrian Fatalities

AAA reported that between the years of 2009 to 2018, pedestrian fatalities have risen 70% in Idaho.

A statewide advocacy group has even formed in an attempt to raise awareness to this issue, and to make roads safer for those who are not in vehicles (walkers, bikers and other non-car users). 


Road Kill

Recently on Facebook, locals have been discussing the increased number of road kills seen within the Treasure Valley. 



Hit & Runs

In 2018, AAA reported that hit-and-run crashes and fatalities were at an all-time high within the United States, with these types of crashes occurring every 43 seconds.

In the Treasure Valley, we have already seen multiple hit-and-runs since the beginning of the year, and frustrated locals have expressed just how disheartening these types of accidents are.


All of this has led Idahoans to wonder...

Is it the influx of newcomers moving to our state that is behind the rise in traffic-related accidents and deaths? 

Idaho is the fastest growing state in America… is it simply because we have more people on the road?

Whatever the reasoning may be, drivers need to freaking slow down and pay attention.

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