Every time I hold a power ball ticket in my hand, I find myself daydreaming about what I would do if I won all that money. Tonight, my wife told me that she had a feeling that we should play. I figured why not. Of course, every Powerball winner in history has played because they "had a feeling". We went down to the Maverick off of State Street and got $30 worth of tickets. There was still a few hours left before the drawing so we had some time to figure out what we would buy with all that money. Here's what we came up with!

We both decided we would NOT quit our jobs, but without as much pressure, mine would be a little more fun.

  • Cotton Candy Machine
    African Elephant
    Audi (Any Model)
    Hottub full of KFC gravy
    The voice actors from the TV show Rick and Morty to follow us around and narrate our lives for a day.
    A Hello Kitty hot air balloon
    Rogaine for Keke
    Disney Land trip for Phoenyx
    Money for our family
    Wax replica of Justin Biber
    1800 Drones (to hopefully carry me around)

And finally, enough to save for retirement. Obviously, I didn't win, but it's fun to imagine. It looks like nobody won the Powerball this week so there's always Tuesday.

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