The rush of excitement you get when you spot a $100 bill on the ground, there's nothing like it. Well, someone is leaving fakes around, apparently to lift you up and then let you down.

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It's like getting Rick rolled by cash... You're walking through a parking lot and you glance over and see a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL. You look away, you look back. This is real, you just picked up a hundred big ones, a c-note, a whole Benjamin, cold hard cash. You pick it up and it mostly seems normal, but when you look at the back of it, there are Chinese symbols on it. It's either a counterfeit or it's play money. Sometimes they could indicate that it's cash for motion pictures (I've actually seen this before). Well, here in the Treasure Valley, there have been reports (most notably in Ontario, OR) of this money being found on multiple occasions.

Is there crime involved? Or is it just a weird prank? No one really knows at this point though one thing we know, is if you see this money, you should give it to authorities before trying to spend it. According to local Annette Spinelli, police say it's a rally good counterfeit: "ATTENTION!! My husband and I were walking back to our house after checking the mail, when my husband spotted $100 bill on the ground. Our first thought was "WOW our lucky day!" Right? We started examining it carefully, everything looked correct, watermark etc... Then we turned it over and noticed the Chinese writing on the back. We have just turned it over to the Ontario police department. Ontario PD even said that it is one of the best counterfeits he's seen."

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