Everyone seems to be sick!  It's that time of the year, the crud, flu, cooties... something is going around, especially at your workplace.  Not only does it suck to be sick, but then you have to go to the doctor and spend a small fortune to feel better.

I've been sick for a few days and ended up going to Urgent Care, but had no idea what it would end up costing me.

Well a new law went into effect, January 1st!, to bring some transparency to what medical care in Treasure Valley will cost you(or anywhere really).

Maybe you're planning on having a baby, or need other types of medical procedures.  Well, now you can go into it, knowing what each procedure will cost.  Even if you have insurance, you still end up paying part of the cost, so why not know what you'll be paying!

We know the price of a car, food, haircuts and so much more, before we decide to do it, shouldn't you know what that colonoscopy, gal bladder or heart procedure is going to set you back?  Of course...

Who knows, maybe you can shop around, if it's not an emergency!

You can check out the prices for over 2000 procedures, some with HUGE differences in prices, depending on the hospital.

Of course, this may vary based on your specific health needs, insurance etc... But it's cool to finally know what that triple bypass is gonna cost me, if I don't change my habits!

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