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We've just concluded day 4 of the Keto diet. I've watched all the videos and read as much of The Complete Ketogenic Diet For Beginners as I could have been just received it yesterday. I felt like my energy levels were up, my sleep was better and I've already shed two pounds! Everything seems to be going perfectly except for one thing. As of this morning, I wasn't in Ketosis. I wasn't too worried. I've learned it could take up to seven days. Never the less, the competitive person I am wanted to be in Ketosis before my wife so I tried intermittent fasting which put in simple terms, I starved myself for 12 hours. The theory is, that in doing so your body will use the last bit of glycogen it has stored paving the way for ketosis to begin. And it did!

When I used my Ketosis test strip, it showed up positive for Keytones! Not going to lie it felt good. I had been trying to reach this state for the entire week. All smooth sailing from here right? NOPE. I've read about the Keto Flu but for some reason, I thought it wouldn't affect me. NOPE. Hit me like bricks. Around 6 pm I started feeling disoriented and low on energy. By the time I arrived home I felt downright nauseous. Once I ate, I started to feel better.

Here's my diet today.

Breakfast: NONE
Lunch: Carls Jr Low Carb Burger, Avocado, Coconut Oil
Snack 4oz 80/20 ground beef
Dinner: Chicken Wings Kale and Asparagus

I downloaded a new app called Keto Diet. It tracks your macros which I would definitely recommend doing.

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