My first dance practice has happened and I didn't get kicked out. I even put my choreographer on the spot to review how I did. She was honest. 

Years ago, I tried out to be a Boise State Mane Line dancer and was accepted ... as an alternate. Because I'm so competitive and, apparently, a total poor sport, I opted out and didn't go to Boise State. We can talk about regrets later. That is one of them.

I'm thinking through all of this as I'm walking on campus at Boise State getting ready for dance practice. It was time I got back to it and in my head I was thinking someone would think I was such a poser walking through those doors.

Talk about being in my head about all of this.

I went in and I danced and I loved every second of it.

I can't reveal what song we are using or what kind of dance we are doing but I am so excited to perform and think you will all love it. I'll definitely need to infuse some major showmanship into the routine in order to win.

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