We asked locals what they think incoming BSU students show know before moving to Boise, and here's what they said. Feel free to share with all transplants!

  • Boise is pronounced "Boy-See", not "Boy-Zee". It's okay to not be a local but this is something that's pretty triggering to locals, they'll definitely correct you on it, so now you know ahead of time.
  • Be prepared to have roommates: Unless you've got lots of cash, if you're a young college student especially, it's getting super expensive here.
  • The quote was "Idahoans hate anyone born/raised outside of Idaho. Especially Californians." Now, I do think HATE is a strong word but this concept is something to be aware of. My brother in-law is in the military and had a rental car with California plates and people were screaming at him to "go home" in Downtown Boise while was on his way to. my wedding. California Love? Idahoans don't bump that song.
  • "There's a lot to do in Idaho but you have to put your phone down". I really like this one... There's a lot of incredible nature in and around Boise and if you take a break from your phone (after you scroll through this article though), you'll see this part of the country has so much to offer!
  • "Bigfoot roams the campus at night". Is this proven? No, but don't be the one to chance it!
  • "Big Jud’s is gonna be your go-to for a great burger, Mongolian BBQ can feed you for 3 days.. and you need to learn how to drive on snow/ice". Yeah, that last part... I grew up in Vegas and when I got here, it was a shock to me that the bridges would get slippery overnight and in the early morning hours. Drive carefully in the winter!

Look, this is going to be a lot of fun for you, if you live it up... Go hiking at Table Rock, check out Harrison BLVD on Halloween, Snowboard at Bogus Basin (yes, that's a real name), float the Boise river, kayak the Snake and enjoy the best years of your life, and go Broncos!

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