Why is the internet blaming Mormons in Utah and Idaho for this popular TikTok trend? It has made its way around the internet and of course--all across the United States.
What's the trend? It's called Dirty Soda.
Here's a closer look at the 'trend' or 'challenge' that is taking TikTok -- and the internet -- by storm! 

The 'Dirty' TikTok Trend Taking California by Storm

Have you seen this online? It appears that it will only be a matter of time before there's a legit business model here in the state.

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Have you ever come across this or tried the dirty soda?
What's the deal with this trend and what makes it dirty?
The trend, while not really that dirty, all goes back to the rules around caffeine. If you aren't familiar, for years, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints banned the consumption of caffeine. As a condition of church membership, nearly all addictive substances are prohibited and in Utah and Idaho where the Mormon faith is in the majority, it's just a well-known fact.
The faith, of course, can be found everywhere--so the need to make these drinks is universal.
In places like Idaho and Utah, the "Dirty" trend has been put on display for all to see via TikTok and it doesn't matter where people live or what they do or do not believe in...it's catching on because allegedly, it's TASTY!
Check out this video, below, for example. A girl and her grandmother make a dirty soda together and it is super entertaining!
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