We love the internet for many reasons. If you're a student, the answer and the information to just about any essay or homework assignment is just one (or a few) searches away. If you're an adult, or someone trying to be an adult--there are instructions to just about any imaginable task.

Then there is the entertaining side of the internet--the side that offers us endless roasting, hilarious criticisms, jokes you'd probably never expect to hear out loud, and beloved memes.

Nampa, you're subject to "the internet" this week and we were chucking, admittedly.

If you've lived in the Treasure Valley for really, any amount of time, odds are you've heard or experienced from time to time that Nampa can...smell. It's part of your personality, Nampa--we're here for it!

So what does "the internet", this digital collective of self-proclaimed experts, have to say about Nampa's smell? It isn't what we expected... 

The Internet Just Can't Agree on What Nampa Smells Like

What's the deal with this stank?

PEANUT BUTTER!? We just don't smell it, but let us know if you think they could be onto something here or if they're crazy.

Just because there's an occasional smell in the air of Nampa, doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with Nampa. In fact, it is one of the very best parts of the Treasure Valley and is home to many of our favorite places to hangout! Check out this comprehensive list of Nampa & Nampa-area bars and restaurants you should be checking out. 

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