In Boise, we love being active. Playing outdoors, playing with our pets, recreational sports.

Is that enough to keep us in shape? put together a pretty in depth study to answer just that. They took the 100 most populated areas in the country (including Boise) and calculated what cities are most and least healthy when it comes to obesity rates, lack of physical activity, and 15 other key indicators.

Before we get to Boise's results, here's a few interesting points to look over. All ten of the top ten unhealthiest cities reside in the south:

  • #1 - Jackson, MS
  • #2 - Memphis, TN
  • #3 - Little Rock, AR
  • #4 - McAllen, TX
  • #5 - Shreveport, LA
  • #6 - Chattanooga, TN
  • #7 - Mobile, AL
  • #8 - Lafayette, LA
  • #9 - Winston-Salem, NC
  • #10 - Knoxville, TN

The only non-southern city to crack the top 25 is Indianapolis, IN which landed at #21.

Now, on to Boise. Don't worry, it's all good news. Boise landed at #90 on the list, making us one of the healthiest cities in America. We're not surprised. Hiking in the summer, Bogus Basin in the winter, we're out and about all year long.

Lucky #100 on the list goes to our neighbors to the northwest, Seattle, WA. Portland, OR follows close behind at #99. Looks like the pacific northwest is a hub for healthy lifestyles! It's a good thing too. With the plethora of great local food and drink that Boise has to offer, the struggle could be very real to keep those calories in check.

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