There have been rumors of Britney Spears visiting in Boise. In 2013 a radio DJ started hearing there were sightings of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber in the Treasure Valley looking for housing. But Harry Potter in Boise? No. But the magical worlds favorite game "Qudditch" is reportedly relocating to Boise.
Major League Quidditch announced last week its Phoenix team would relocate to Boise for the 2018 season. The team will be called the Boise Grays, “named after the gray wolves reintroduced to Idaho in the 1990s,” according to an MLQ press release.
Quidditch in the Muggle (or non-magic) world is a bit of a departure from the wizarding sport played in Harry Potter’s world. Here’s how it works:
 Two teams of seven players each “ride” a broomstick around a field the size of a hockey rink. At each end of the rink are three hoops, each a different height. Three “chasers” try to pass a ball called a “quaffle” through the hoop to score their team 10 points, while a “keeper” guards each team’s set of hoops. As the chasers advance, they must dodge “bludgers” — dodgeballs — lobbed by the opposing team’s two “beaters.” The final player is the “seeker,” who must catch the “golden snitch” to end the game and earn a final 150 points. For wizards, the snitch is a tiny magical golden ball that flits around at high speeds. In the non-magic world, the snitch is a tennis ball inside a sock that hangs from the shorts of an impartial player that runs around the field.

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