Yes... I was eavesdropping but that's not the point. Monday night as I'm flying from Los Angeles to Boise I couldn't help but to overhear a conversation that was happening one row ahead of me on the plane. I would so do it one of the woman said, while the other was hesitant she too eventually came around and found a way to justify this horrible act! I was so mad I wanted to interrupt their conversation and tell them what horrible wives they were.

Apparently, on of them had seen a story online about a married woman who claimed to be happy in her relationship but was considering meeting up with her ex after he contacted her saying that he was going to jail for a long time and that he needed to see her one more time.

I wanted to scream... WHY!!!!! why would a happily married woman do this? I thought to myself, If you're married and happy there is NO reason to put your relationship in jeopardy? Then my mind started to wonder, where would they meet? would he bring flowers? would they kiss goodbye? would it be an intimate kiss? would it be more than  a kiss? was he really going to jail? why was he going to jail? was he lying?.

And then it hit me, what if my ex contacted me with the same scenario? would I do it? would you do it? Is it a double standard? and more importantly... Is it cheating?

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