It's very interesting how the pandemic caused a huge increase in visitors to our Idaho national parks and in particular our natural hot springs. All of a sudden a lot of us found refuge in nature and wanted to escape the over populated cities and we all ran for the soothing experience that Kirkham Hot Springs provides. Great idea except for the part where we the humans have become a virus or sorts to natures beauty.

“It’s people that are being irresponsible and not caring about their public land, which we all own," said Sean Glaccum, a resident of Lowman in a ktvb interview.

What ever happened to leave everything a bit better than you found it? I thought that this pandemic might of given us a different perspective and taught us to take care of those who take care of us including mother nature.

“People don’t abide by the pack it in, pack it out," Glaccum said. "It’s just building up and the area is becoming less attractive.” he continued win the ktvb interview.

In the past there was talk about closing Kirkham Hot Springs to the public in order to put a stop to this issue but at this point the Boise National Forest has yet to announce their plan of attack in regards to this very preventable tragedy. In the past the the Forest service has taken action and closed several recreational areas including Grimes Creek in Boise County and Skinny Dipper Hot Springs near Garden Valley. Is Kirkham next? That depends solely on our actions.

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