Many years ago I was cruising on Payette Lake in McCall and I found this beautiful and tranquil cove that only had one other boat in it. I dropped anchor and soon enough I was involved in a conversation with the couple that was diving off of their boat and resurfacing with random articles of trash from the bottom of the lake. When I asked how long they had been doing that they guy replied “All of my life”. My mother taught me to leave things better than I found them” Every time I go into nature I remember that statement and I practice it as much as possible which is why I was shocked to hear that Kirkham Springs is at risk of being closed to the public.

You may not realize it but people travel to Lowman from all over Idaho and the country to enjoy Kirkham Hot Springs. I think it’s great however, the increased number of visitors are not cleaning up after themselves and the springs are suffering the consequences. The forest service told ktvb that they encourage people to enjoy public land but also wants to remind them to respect the land or risk losing the privilege to enjoy it. Please take this as a reminder to protect our little corner of the world.

If you’ve never been to Kirkham Hot Springs here is the official description from the Boise National Forest website: Kirkham Campground is located next to the South Fork Payette River just east of Lowman, Idaho, along State Highway 21 at an elevation of 4,000 feet. Visitors enjoy soaking in popular Kirkham Hot Springs on the banks of the river and exploring the scenic Kirkham Ridge Trail.

The Hot Springs is open for DAY USE ONLY from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Visitors may walk in, however they cannot drive into the campground.  The gate is closed.


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