It’s no mystery that Idaho has some pretty cold winters. But this winter has actually been pretty mild compared to most! Or at least we thought.


A new winter weather advisory, snowfall everywhere, and a major cold front are begging the question. Are we due for a second winter in Idaho?


Now, if you’re not from here, you may chuckle at that. A second winter? But we swear, it may actually be a thing, and we get it every year.


Let’s look into the mysterious “second winter” and how it develops in Idaho!


For beginners, Idaho is no stranger to snow. I mean, look at this massive snowfall in Boise a few years ago!


Snowmageddon 2017

It was the winter that we'll never forget in the Treasure Valley -- scroll down to see these freezing cold photos


But, come mid-February, and things started heating up in the Treasure Valley! I mean, look at this beautiful sky just a few days ago:



We even received two National Winter Weather Advisories:

Winter National Weather Advisory in January 2022

Then, just last week, all Idahoans were beginning to panic as drought concerns were raised. Not seeing snow in weeks, temperatures were high, and there were signs of spring. 


Take a look:


As Drought Looms, McCall Snow Storm Could Be Answer


And then, to our surprise - SNOW! And lots of it! Temperatures have plummeted again after a few days of warmth. Winter advisories have begun to pop up again. And cold fronts hitting the Treasure Valley.


Posing the question - are we hitting a second winter?


Here’s what a few Idaho locals had to say about it:


Is Second Winter in Idaho a Legit Thing? Locals Weigh In



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