I mean, I'm from Northeast Ohio.  I grew up under the snowbelt where we'd get several feet of snow in a matter of hours and I never saw the public react this way before!

I'd seen some tweets about a former Boise weatherman potentially causing a panic across the Treasure Valley last week, but had no idea who they were talking about until I saw an article from the Idaho Statesman today. That former weatherman was former Channel 2 meteorologist Vin Crosby, who now hosts his own weather show on YouTube. He posted a video called "One of the Most Dangerous Weather Patterns" on Thursday, January 5th in the middle of the first punch of last week's winter storm.

I give Vin props because he did correctly predict some things Idahoans in their mid-20s or early-30s would've never thought about (because they've never seen a winter like this) like trees, car ports and roofs collapsing. That said, I couldn't help rolling my eyes when he suggested people plan for the power going out for five days and to stock up on matches, candles, generators and blankets.  Although we're seeing flooding as the snow melts, it's nowhere near the two feet of water up to your knees that Vin predicted...though the puddle game in the Whole Foods Parking Lot is strong and swallowed my foot.

While some commenters called the following video "scare tactics" others ran to stores to stock up on all the ice melt, shovels, candles and matches they could. In fact, an employee at the Eagle Island Winco thank Vin for giving them their best day ever. Some Idahoans even thought it was a sign of the apocalypse..and these pictures of the Winco and Albertsons in my neighborhood prove it!

Watch the video and make your own judgement over whether Vin was right on or over the top!


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