The final day of Cycle to Break the Cycle has come and gone. Saying goodbye on the final day is one of the hardest things we endure all year. Every opportunity we get to reach a victim or someone trapped in a terrible situation is a chance lost.

This is our only chance all year that allows us to do a radio takeover to help people cope, come to grips with their life tragedy and hopefully reach out for help. This year marks 12 years that we have been spreading the simple message, "It shouldn't hurt to be a child."

Each April we get together as a city and further that message. Cycle to Break the Cycle brings out thousands of volunteers, riders and survivors to the Village at Meridian. So many of the faces you're about to see have stories that would crush your heart. So many of these great people ride together, cry together, and are a support system for so many. We've seen people come, go and pass on due to domestic violence.

Thanks again to everyone for taking a few moments out of their busy lives to come show support and send that very special message, "It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child."

CTBTC 2019 DAY 4

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