Today Feb 21 is National Sticky Bun Day which celebrates, you guessed it, sticky buns. And as one of my favorite type of rolls/ pastries, I couldn't be more excited! Sticky buns are typically eaten for dessert or breakfast. Sticky buns can be confused with cinnamon rolls but are not the same.

Did you know the Ancient Egyptians are some of the first humans credited with eating Sticky Buns? Millennia ago, they added nuts and honey to their bread. The ancient treat was usually reserved for royalty and the wealthy.

How To Observe National Sticky Bun Day

Today is the day to get your hands sticky. You can try making sticky buns at home. To prepare, just line your baking pan with sticky ingredients like honey or agave syrup. You can add any nuts you desire as well as sugar and butter. Bake to your desired perfection and enjoy.

If you don't want to get your hands sticky, many Boise bakeries sell them as well. Wild Flower Bakery, Wild West Eatery, and Pastry Perfection and just a few highly recommended local options.

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