Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm sure someone will edit those three sentences that repeat for obvious reasons to them - not me. Thank you for saving lives and taking care of our families. We can't say thank you enough! I know there are several appreciation weeks like the one for doctors, clerks and so on. I wanted to make sure this one got out quickly. Next week I have a big one for everyone.

This week is national nurse's week and you are a very lucky person if you never have to meet one in scrubs. If you're meeting a nurse in scrubs it's because something might be wrong and we all strive to stay out of the hospital. That said, so many of us aren't so fortunate.

It's hard not to take every moment I get to give a special thanks to these men and women in healthcare. Nurses do dirty work and I mean in several ways. I can't count the number of nurses that have attended to our family.

Kekeluv in the hospital

It's been one year since I drove myself to the hospital after suffering from a GI bleed. That was one of the scariest things because I've never been admitted in my life. I've got plenty of experience with family but not myself. The bleed began during the day and finally, I knew something was wrong. My wife was out of town and I just drove myself. This was my first surgery and it was pretty scary just because of the unknown. I was fine and everything checked out thanks to all the assistance from nurses on the scene. I just love my nurses for so many reasons but most importantly, they just care.

Nurses taking Lennox into emergency surgery

Some of these nurses are still in college and I remember them during exams working the overnight hours. Some of these nurses come cycle with us during Live for 175 each April. take a moment to thank a nurse and buy their coffee, lunch or send them some cookies.

I hate the things that have happened to us healthwise and am also thankful for what I've learned going through the years of issues. I truly respect their profession and it's not till you watch them stand over your family that realization sets in. That person in scrubs has your loved one's life in their hands and THAT deserves more than a thank you ❤️

It's hard when you post pictures of your family and realize how helpless you were at that moment. It brings back painful memories and that's why we're so thankful. Oh, did I say thank you yet?

Peep this for some NURSE FREEBIES!

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