It's no secret: the cost of living isn't what it once was. It's natural, in a way, to see prices go up over time. The extreme inflation happening all across the nation--rapidly--has been unprecedented in some ways.

Doesn't it just feel like nothing has been the same since the pandemic?

Whether it's for fun, for pleasure, or totally out of necessity--purchases being made aren't as cheap as they were just twelve short months ago! 

We want to know if you agree: are Californians getting priced out of these common items experiencing major price hikes?

These Items Are Too Expensive To Buy Anymore!

When it comes to finding 'savings' at the store and in life...where are you cutting back?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Well this isn't cool--where can we save!? 

The list of items that are more expensive than they have been (or should be) could go on and on, but according to many national outlets and market experts, the items listed above have seen the steepest climbs.

So how can you save? What options are there?

Non-necessary purchases can be cut of course using a simple budget--just to make sure that you and your family have what you need and what's most important. 

Pointers from experts include:

  • Buying Generic
    • Can you really tell if it's Mr. Pibb and not Dr. Pepper??
  • Make A List
    • It's easy to go into a grocery store and impulse buy. List your needs and stick to them.
  • Shop The Sales
    • See a frequently purchased item on sale? Buy a few extra for the long run
  • Utilize Loyalty
    • Points or member-only discounts often come in handy when looking for a good deal!

It isn't cheap out there, y'all. Shop smart and good luck!

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