After several weeks of being secretive about moving and where I'm going, I'm SO glad I can finally announce where I've landed.. the city of trees!

I never imagined myself in Boise, had never even visited here before flying in for an interview last month, but now I'm living here! It's been a whirlwind and it still feels like I'm on a vacation (I'm currently living with my two cats in a hotel) but I think it the next few weeks it will sink in that I'm really here!

Keke and his wife are welcoming a new baby girl any day now, so I'm giving him a few days with his fam before we launch our show. I can't wait to get on the air with him and will be exploring this beautiful city in the meantime!

That's where I need your help: what restaurant do I have to try? What's the best nail salon? Where should I be spending my Friday nights? Let me know- I'm new! I'm mostly on Insta and twitter- so shoot me a follow and a message there! @Kitkatfisher

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