"The Most Wonderful Week of the Year" takes over Discovery Channel this week and I still can't understand the fascination with Shark Week.

I mean sure titles like "Return of the Great White Serial Killer," "Alien Sharks: Close Encounters," "Bride of Jaws," and "Ninja Sharks" peak my interest a little bit, but as I was sitting there watching my boyfriend geek out over the mako shark last night I realized that my pop culture blind spot is Shark Week.  I tried so hard to get into it, but after watching the USWNT down Japan in the World Cup, watching shark-umentaries just fell flat.

My boyfriend's explanation of why Shark Week is so fascinating is "they're the ultimate killing machines" and "this is science!" To that I said, Bill Nye the Science Guy is science too and he's a hell of a lot more exciting than this.  Or if I'm going to get into anything shark related, it's going to be the next Sharknado movie...that's more my shark speed (because of the bad acting and sheer ridiculousness of it all, not because of the sharks.)

I'm dying to know, what is it you LOVE so much about Shark Week?

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