If there is one thing that Boise seems to be known for among our community, it is our kindness. It's pretty crazy when you travel elsewhere after spending any amount of time around folks from the Treasure Valley, you almost immediately notice how much kinder people in Boise and the valley are. In fact, those from larger cities may even say we're just TOO nice! The sense of pride in our community and in who we are--how we treat our neighbors--is what makes those from Boise, in my opinion, so unique! Not only are we looking out for one another, but we also are called to look out for those coming to us and immigrating from places afar!

Keeping this sense of kindness and camaraderie in mind, it seems only fitting that Boise would have a Welcoming Week. It just so happens to be this week!

Boise has declared itself a Welcoming City and this Saturday, September 21st, you can take part in the "Families Together Field Day", which is happening over at the Boise High School football field. The event is meant to bring everyone together-- both immigrants and U.S. born residents-- to build up a larger sense of community.

There will be free games and activities going on in the park from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., a free Middle Eastern dinner buffet open to everyone, and you can even check out and use the YMCA afterwards for free!

For more on this huge community event being put on by the City of Boise, check out the tweet below!

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