A network of support came together to raise $40,000 for a student's "ultimate prom," complete with Taylor Swift tickets, after they were turned away from prom.

In late April, Tennessee teen B. Hayes, 18, claimed they were not allowed into their Christian school's senior prom because they wore a pantsuit instead of a dress.

"I should not have to conform to femininity to attend my senior prom. I will not compromise who I am to fit in a box. Who are you to tell us what it means to be a woman?" Hayes, who uses they/he pronouns, shared on Instagram.

After an outpouring of support from across the country, the teen was gifted their "ultimate prom" after a GoFundMe fundraiser raised nearly $40,000.

"It's so important for young people to see themselves represented in the world around them, and last night's prom was a powerful reminder that we are all loved and accepted, no matter who we are, who we love or what we wear ... B, you inspired us and the rest of the world with your courage and voice," an Instagram post from the event organizer shared May 7.

According to the post, the prom was put together in just 10 days with help from several local businesses and artists who showed up to perform for Hayes and 25 of their closest friends.

On Instagram, Hayes posted photos from the epic prom, including photos of them wearing the glittering rainbow cape worn by Jonathan Van Ness in Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" music video.

"Thank you so much for this amazing experience! To all the local businesses who helped, I love you, and you guys brought this whole thing together I can’t thank you enough!" Hayes captioned the carousel of images.

Hayes was also gifted tickets to Swift's Nashville concert, courtesy of the Tennessee Titans football team.

They even met singer and Swift opener Phoebe Bridgers, which was captured with a sweet snap in a post on Instagram.

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