3 reasons we shouldn't risk it with dogs in cars. It's Summer, y'all, and the weather is hot! It's hot, and we should be mindful of the dangers associated with leaving dogs in cars, even for a short time.

The scorching Idaho heat can turn a parked car into a lethal environment within minutes, putting our beloved pets at risk. It's something to keep in mind for our dogs, but also if we see it happening around us. Here are 3 reasons why leaving dogs in cars is a dangerous practice that should be avoided...


We might not realize it, but the interior of our cars can become unbearably hot in a matter of minutes. Dogs are particularly vulnerable to heatstroke, as they struggle to regulate their body temperature as efficiently as humans. It's important to remember that cracking the windows is not enough to ensure adequate ventilation and temperature control inside the vehicle.

Insufficient Ventilation

Cars are inherently poorly ventilated, especially when they're just parked. When left unattended, the lack of fresh air circulation can make it challenging for dogs to breathe properly, leading to heat exhaustion.


In the scorching Boise summer, dehydration becomes an imminent danger for all kinds of people and animals. Without frequent access to water, dogs can quickly become thirsty and suffer from dehydration, at home or in vehicles, which speeds up the effects of heatstroke.

Bonus Reason: Dog Theft

Another reason to not leave your dogs unattended in a vehicle, is the increasing crime of dog theft. Yes. This is a thing. People will steal dogs from unattended cars. This is more common with popular breeds and mixes, because people will try to sell them for money.

Y'all, never leave a dog unattended in a vehicle, particularly during the summer months. That's the best thing we can do to keep us and our furry friends safe and happy.

If you see a dog in a hot car you should call 9-1-1 and report it. However, do not break the window unless you absolutely have to, because that can cause other injuries/emergencies, and you could still be responsible for any of the damages done to that vehicle.

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