Looking for a job can be a grueling process and for a lot of us, the work environment is just as important (if not more important).

Thank goodness for technology...

We live in the future, people - literally. And just step back and think back for a second... we can do all of the following with a few taps of our fingers in today's world: shop for groceries, find a date, and set up a bank account.

Does this not amaze anybody else? Are we crazy for being so fascinated with this idea in 2023? It might be because a lot of us grew up in a time when all three of the aforementioned tasks involved being face-to-face with someone... but not anymore.

One of the huge benefits of living in 2023 is the luxury of reading reviews of places before we visit them... or work for them.

Let's take a look at some of the best places to work based on employee reviews... would you work at any of these places based on what you've read?

The Best Places To Work In Boise According To Current/Former Employees

Power to the people! Here are the best-reviewed places to work by the employees who work for these places according to GlassDoor.com.

Perhaps you don't give a hot damn about employee morale and the work environment, but that's totally okay! Some people are all about the money and some of us agree that higher pay comes with more BS... you know the old saying: "More money, more problems." At least that's how we think it goes.

You won't have any problems with these jobs though as they pay six figures and allow you to work from home. So, any problems you might encounter may be self-inflicted or from a child who can't get enough of latching onto you.

10 Remote Idaho Jobs That Pay At Least $100K A Year

Looking for a new job but don't want to leave the comfort of home? We have you covered.

Now, maybe you thrive in being in the workplace and if that's the case, there's more money waiting for you. Let's double down on that $100k salary we were just talking about and up it to $200k...

10 Boise Jobs That Are Hiring And Pay Over $200k A Year

Looking for a new high-paying career? Let's look at Boise jobs that are available and pay $200k a year.

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