Working in fast food isn't for the faint of heart. You have to be willing to work hard for a wage that many argue is low. As a matter of fact, we just shared with you that California is looking to pay fast-food workers around $20 an hour starting in April.

So, it must be rough to warrant such a pay increase... right?

Every job has its challenges

Spoiler alert for those looking for a job without any problems: it ain't gonna happen. Every job, every career comes with its own set of challenges. It's just the way the real world works and unfortunately, the challenges encountered in different industries vary.

Sometimes, it's gossip among coworkers, other times, it can be the challenge of dealing with the people you serve.

You can likely grab any employee off of any street in the Treasure Valley, and nearly every single one of them will have an idea of how to make their job more tolerable.

All of that being said, working in fast food presents a set of challenges that has Boise fast-food workers fed up.

We talked to a Boise fast-food employee who requested to remain anonymous and for us to omit where they work for obvious reasons. She wanted to make it clear that she has addressed some of the issues we're looking at with her manager to no avail.

She says it's not even that the manager doesn't care but that manager can't do anything about the employee's complaints. So, what does she do? She comes to us with the grievances of her and her coworkers in hopes that we can get the word out:

Let's try and remember what our fast-food workers are going through... especially if they're not in California making $20 an hour.

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