Bronco Nation has had a lot going on lately: Bosie State recently pounded UNLV for the Mountain West Title, they hired a new coach, and quarterback Taylen Green's future in the blue and orange is hanging in the balance (AKA the transfer portal).

Now that the dust is settling, Bronco fans can now start to sort out what everything means and how it will affect the future of Bosie State football.

Spencer Danielson becomes the new head coach

We recently shared with you the news of Danielson accepting the head coaching position for Boise State football and now, details about his potential contract (pending approval) are emerging.

One of the best things about sports is the ability to debate about what happens on the field and off the field. Sports contracts will always draw strong opinions and that's no different here in the Treasure Valley.

Bronco fans have varying reactions to the contract with some praising Boise State for rewarding Danielson's hard work to get to this point while others are skeptical of the sweet deal. Some believe he hasn't proved himself yet while others think this is a good move to secure a coach that the players respect.

We would love to hear what you think about the contract agreement but before you can do that, you need to know all the details.

Let's get right to it...

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There's no doubt Boise State is betting big on Coach Danielson and they expect big results from him, but how are you feeling about it?

Do you think Boise State made the right move? Let us know your thoughts here...

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