Idaho isn't just home to stunning mountains, amazing food, and breathtaking views. The Gem State is also home to some of the best conspiracy theories including Bigfoot, UFOs, and even chemtrails.

There is one theory, however, that has gained some recent exposure thanks to a viral TikTok exposing a dark secret in Oregon.

 Hiding in plain sight

A TikTok video has gone viral claiming that a former Oregon councilman saw something unimaginable entering a mountain - a giant.

You read that correctly: a giant. There is a theory that claims giants walk among us, and the viral TikTok video shows us a doorway to a giant's home that is supposedly located in Green Peter Reservoir.

The footage was captured via a drone and it sure seems something is going on in the mountains of Oregon...


@uniteazcxy1 James Goble was making his way through Quartzville Drive near the Green Peter Reservoir when he claims he saw a giant peep through a large rock on the side of the road in the Cascade foothills on October 23. The mythical creature, however, disappeared before he could get his phone out to record the ordeal, the former Sweet Home councilmember said. #giantsdoor#jamesgoble#oregongiants#conspiracytiktok#conspiracytherory#biblicalprophecy#giants#nephilimgiants#nephilim#antidiluvian♬ 28 Days Later Main Theme (From "28 Days Later") - Geek Music

What does that have to do with Idaho if this happened in Oregon?

This story adds weight to a shocking discovery made in the Salmon River back in 1924. According to an archived newspaper story on, a mysterious skeleton found was believed to belong to a woman whose height was estimated to be between 8'6 and 9'0 tall.

One of the men involved in the unearthing of the skeleton is on record saying: "The lower jaw more resembled a sheep’s jaw than a human jaw."

While the bones had since been sent off to be examined, we could find no follow-up on the story and whether or not it has since been debunked as a hoax. While some might find the idea of "giants" or people who are 8'6 to 9' tall scary, is it really?

Also, if there are or were real giants walking among us - why would a titan-like being choose to live in the mountains of Oregon? Why not live among the rest of us and if as strong as legend says they are, why not rock the professional sports world?

Best Movie Scene via YouTube/Canva
Best Movie Scene via YouTube/Canva

Just imagine one of these giants in the NBA. They'd be unstoppable and not only would they have to change the rules of the game, they would probably have to start having the games take place outdoors.

But, that's beside the point...

With all of the recent viral videos about giants once roaming the earth, does that further validate the findings made in the Salmon River back in the 1920s? Learn more about it (and where in the world we found that photo above) below.


@conspiracy__matrix Giant caught on camera by tiktoker- Footage at the end😳. #viral#foryoupage#fyp#fypsounds#goviral#makethisgoviral#conspiracy#mystery#giants#oregongiants♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box - takaya

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