The Idaho outdoors is truly something to marvel at. There is plenty to see and explore, and for those who love to hike around this time of year, it's the perfect time to begin preparations to hike the trails.

You never know what you'll come across in the woods of Idaho

Some are scared of encountering bears, others might sweat at the idea of mountain lions, but what if there was something more sinister than either of those lurking in the woods?

With bears and mountain lions, at least we have some knowledge about what to do when we encounter them. But, when it comes to the unknown like cryptids, aliens, or something completely foreign to us... that can be more horrifying than anything.

Such is the case with a video we came across on the YouTube channel Nuke's Top 5. The channel highlights the paranormal and weird in the form of videos submitted to them by viewers. Recently, they shared a video from a trail cam in the woods of Idaho.

In this video, we see some type of being wandering the woods and walking right by the camera. Here's some of the issues we're having with this and why it makes this video so terrifying:

  • The video caught this being wandering the woods around 4:37 AM.
  • The person or thing we see walking in the woods is doing so in total darkness without a light source.
  • The shape and movement of the person or thing caught on video seems unusual.

Now that we've covered what makes this video creepy as Hell, let's take a look... again, you have to see this thing in motion to appreciate the mystery and fear factor of it all.

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Check out the video below, the trail cam footage begins at 9:05:

What do you think it was? Do you have any creepy trail cam footage? Share them with us here!

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